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The Arkansas Financial Education Commission was established by Act 1025 of 2021 during the 93rd General Assembly. Sen. Missy Irvin and Rep. Bruce Cozart co-sponsored the legislation.

The Financial Education Commission was formed to help respond to our state’s need for – and access to –  free educational resources that will help Arkansans in all geographic areas and socioeconomic backgrounds achieve financial well-being.


The Commission operates under the authority of the Arkansas State Treasurer. Five members represent state financial or education agencies and three members represent the Arkansas public, private or nonprofit sector.

AFEC Group Photo_CloseUp_edited.jpg

Members of the Arkansas Financial Education Commission in March 2024. 

Front Row, L to R: Commissioner Susannah Marshall, Abby Hughes Holsclaw, Katherine Mitchell, Patricia Ashanti. Back Row, L to R: Marsha Masters, Steve Brown, Treasurer Larry Walther, Secretary Jacob Oliva.

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