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Helpful Links 

There are numerous nonprofits and state agencies dedicated to helping improve financial well-being for Arkansans.

Here are links to just a few, along with links to helpful learning tools and games.

Studies and Reports

Click the link below to find financial wellness studies and reports that may be of interest to Arkansans.

Helpful Links for Financial Wellness


This site offers researched-based information about personal finances.

This is the official website for the Arkansas Department of Education.

The Arkansas Securities Department is dedicated to protecting the financial well-being of Arkansas citizens through effective consumer protection and education.

The Arkansas State Bank Department maintains a legal and regulatory structure for Arkansas's financial industry.

The Arkansas Student Loan Authority provides college planning services and helps people financially navigate their future education goals.

This is the official website for the Arkansas Treasurer of State.

BankOn Arkansas+ connects Arkansas consumers to safe and affordable bank accounts.

The CFPB provides consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances.

Delta Circles helps families end poverty and change mindsets about finances through savings groups and financial literacy.

Economics Arkansas provides economic and financial literacy resources to support Pre-K through12th grade educators and students in Arkansas.

The FDIC is an independent agency created by Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system.

FINRA is a government-authorized not-for-profit organization that oversees U.S. broker-dealers so that investors may feel confident about participating in the financial markets.

Jump$tart is an online resource for educators, parents, students and others to find effective, financial education resources from various sources. 

 Junior Achievement helps empower young people to own their economic success through volunteer-led, experiential learning

Save 10 is a campaign designed to encourage Arkansas women to save for life and retirement.


ACRE offers online learning modules that teach personal finance management skills.

NEFE provides leadership, research and collaboration to advance financial well-being.

Better Money Habits provides resources for junior high, senior high and adults on a variety of financial literacy topics.

FI works to bring financial education resources to underserved communities in order to increase financial independence

EconEdLink is the  go-to-place for K-12 economics and personal finance resources, providing high-quality lesson plans, videos, assessments, activities, professional development webinars, and more for educators.

Financial Football is a fast-paced, interactive game created by the National Football League that engages students while teaching them personal finance skills.

Hands on Banking provides tools and materials to help students and adults learn money management. is an online resource developed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to help citizens make sound investment decisions and avoid fraud.

Next Step's Financial Wellness collection offers tips, tools and resources designed to help families stay on track and safeguard their futures

This budgeting tool developed by the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services helps users select the right career for their spending needs.

The Stock Market Game connects 4th-12th grade students to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning.


Below are links to financial wellness studies and reports that may be of interest to Arkansans.

Financial Literacy and Well-Being in a Five Generation America (2021)


Prosperity Now Scorecard: Arkansas Outcome & Policy Report (2021)



FINRA Investor Education Foundation US Financial Capability Study: Arkansas (2018)



Council for Economic Education Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation’s Schools (2022)



Financial Resilience in America (2021) 2021.pdf?x53868#:~:text=1.,costs%2C%20and%20saving%20for%20retirement


Nation’s Report Card on Financial Literacy (2021)

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